Going Green with Renewable Energy by Installing Solar Panel Roofing

Imagine a world where consumption endures while limiting negative effects and enhancing non compromising concerns for the environment and future generations. Going green through renewable energy like solar panel installation with the help of your roofing contractor, can cause great positive impact on the entire atmosphere. Your carbon footprint is defined as the amount of greenhouse gas produced to support daily activities. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that has severe negative effects on the the environment and is produced through the burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas. This applies to things like the creation of food and textiles, running of a gas-tank vehicle, or simply heating your home. Thinking about ways to stop damaging the environment by lowering your carbon footprint is responsible, advisable, and possible today.

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Renewable Energy With Solar Panels

Renewable energy, energy collected from resources that do not deplete like wind, waves, and solar power is roughly twenty times cleaner than that of burning coal. Roughly 17% of Canada’s total primary energy supply is powered this way and both, wind and solar are the fastest growing
sources for electricity in Canada. Photovoltaics, a method that converts energy from the sun into a flow of direct current electricity. Photovoltaics are used to power things like equipment, your home, and/or recharge a battery (like an electric car).

The efficiency of solar energy is calculated by how much electricity or heat can be converted from the direct sunlight. Although there are times that the sun may be cloud covered, we ultimately know it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon, making it a reliable source of energy. Though sunlight can reflect and/or absorb via panels – the efficiency of solar technology is only
increasing with demand, having gone from less than 4% in the 1950’s to about 20% today. Solar energy can be stored, in-fact some plants can harness and store energy for 7.5 hours of generation in lieu of sunlight.

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Solar panel energy systems don’t generally require a lot of maintenance. They need to be kept clean and serviced from time-to-time. After the initial investment, you can expect to spend little on maintenance and repair work, not to mention electricity bill. Not only will you save, you may also be eligible for money-back incentives, and possibly generate income with any surplus of energy created and exported back to the grid.

Roof Top Solar Maintenance

The Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) in Alberta provides financial incentive to homeowners, businesses, and non-for-profits who install solar photovoltaic systems on their facilities. The program offers $0.90/watt, with a maximum grant of 35% of eligible system cost or $10 000 for residential systems; $0.75/watt for commercial (business) systems, and $1.00/watt for non-for-profit systems with a maximum grant of 35% of eligible system cost or one million dollars. Alberta’s micro-generation regulation also allows customers to send excess electricity back to the province’s grid for a credit.

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You can use the solar efficiency Alberta, website to learn more and get your application started. Jayson global roofing inc. will provide a complete and FREE site assessment, proposal of energy production, benefits, and cost, and a contract to get to work on the right system for you. Your green-friendly, not-so-typical, roofing contractor company will also assist in the application
paperwork for the system permit, grants, and possible funding. Jayson Global Roofing has qualified electricians to do the job and ensures estimate of your system for safety and quality. If you’re interested in going-greener, get in touch, it’s our pleasure to help!

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