Edmonton Roofing Contractor helps a Full House Lottery, Dream Home Design, Come to Life!

Jayson Global Roofing Inc. is not your typical roofing contractor. The company worked on the entire exterior from the roof to window trims to the stone finish of one of the dream home grand prizes for the Full House Lottery in Edmonton, Alberta and we want to tell you all about it!

2019 Full House Lottery, James Hardie Siding

Full House Lottery is based on a maximum of 160 900 tickets sold for over 1000 prizes, totaling a retail value of over $5.7 million, and proceeds are going to two charities this year. One charity is the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation where your support will increase the capacity for surgeries at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women. Over 6000 operations happen each year at this facility, and a new operating theatre means more space and additional care provided to those who need it.

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women is a place of hope “designed to allow the healing power of art and nature to supplement the incredible medical achievements that go on each day within its walls”. It is home to the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. It provides services like, but not limited to, prenatal classes, antepartum and postpartum care, labour and delivery, and maternal fetal medicine for high risk pregnancies. Lois Hole Hospital for Women also houses a reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinic to help patients in growing their families. The hospital also supports gynecological oncology like ovarian and cervical cancer and has the Allard Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Clinic.

Full House Lottery tickets also support the University Hospital Foundation this year, for Alzheimer’s Research and Care. Over 747 000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. In the province of Alberta, over 75 000 are affected and researchers in Edmonton are onto potential treatments. One in three Canadians are said to face psychiatric disease, neurological disorder, or brain injury at some point in their lives. The University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre will stand to be one of the few Brain Units in the world that provide 3T precision from research to diagnosis. 3T images allow neurosurgeons to provide more focused disease management with clearer imaging of the brain.

2019 Full House Lottery Roofing Contractor

This lottery has over 1000 prizes with an enticing, eclectic list of things like fun technologies, vehicles, vacations, and more! The grand prizes for Full House Lottery includes two, “dream homes”. Grand prize one is a $2.4 million dollar, four bedroom, five bathroom, 4788 sq. ft., home by Parkwood Master Builder plus $25 000 in cash and $125 000 in furnishings and decor. Grand prize two is a choice between two homes, both valued at $1.6 million dollars plus $10 000 in cash and $85 000 in decor and furnishings. One of the two choices is a 4732 sq. ft., three bedroom, four bathroom by Averton. The second choice is a 4662 sq. ft., four bedroom, four bathroom by Kondro Homes. All the homes are located in Creekwood Collections at Chappelle, southwest Edmonton, Alberta.

Jayson Global Roofing Inc. did the exterior of the $1.6 million, 4662 sq. ft., Kondro Home. The beautifully designed home has a mentionable indoor sports simulator for virtual play, along with it’s gorgeous exterior finishes done by your multi-faceted roofing contractor. The front step is pre-cast concrete and exposed aggregate. You’ll find captivating Eldorado, Montecito Cliffstone for the exterior stone in addition to James Hardie Lap siding in Evening Blue with Arctic White corner and window trims. Straight Edge Shingle in the colour Monterey Taupe is used in the gables with James Hardie Evening Blue Panel. The Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough are Royal Aluminum, White. Finally, the roof has IKO Cambridge shingles in the colour of Harvard Slate and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

2019 Full House Lottery, IXL Stone

The Full House Lottery has a number of draws planned to be held as follows. The Loyalty Prize draw on April 4, 2019, the Bonus Prize draw on April 25, 2019, and the Early Bird Prize draw on May 30, 2019. The Final Draws shall begin on July 3, 2019, with the lowest value prize drawn first and proceed further in reverse order with the Grand Prize Dream Homes drawn last. After each winner is recorded, the stub is returned to the drum. The Final Live Draw scheduled for July 5 for the two dream homes will air on CTV and has a chance of happening on May 30th if all the tickets are sold before the Early Bird, deadline.

Try your chances at wining your dream home, vacation, or other amazing prizes through the Full House Lottery and support two incredible causes while you play with your luck!

Learn more about the Full House Lottery – prizes, rules, deadlines, and draws here:
Learn more about the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation charity here:
Learn more about the University Hospital Foundation here:

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