10 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, to de-clutter, reorganize, and spruce up our living spaces. In-door spring cleaning is usual, we tackle tasks like cleaning out the fridge and freezer, getting rid of cob webs, and donating winter wear but, what about the outside of your home? As the weather starts warming up in Alberta, the melting snow exposes your yard and provides a number of to-dos. Jayson Global Roofing has put together a list of 10 outdoor spring cleaning ideas to maintain your home

1. Door Mat

A quick power wash and sun dry can help eliminate dirt getting tracked in.

2. Windows
You’re excited for the summer breeze but not the dust and dirt that could come with it. Hire a professional window cleaner or find a safe way to get up there and do them yourself.

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3. Patio Furniture
If you wanted to sit in the dirt, you would. Patio furniture can hold all kinds of bugs and debris. Enjoy the warmer weather in a clean, comfortable space.

4. Grill and Outdoor Toys
Eat clean, literally! And avoid splinters from cracked wood or unwanted accidents with that creaky
chain swing.

5. Deck
Regular maintenance can provide longevity in the life of your deck. Of course some planks may need replacement but sometimes a simple power wash, and re-finish can keep things looking fresh.

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6. Planter Pots
It’s important to clean out your pots before re-establishing them. There can be residue, minerals and so-forth that actually hinder the growth of your plants -give them space to thrive!

7. Garden
First de-clutter, then reorganize. Pull out unwanted weeds between your interlock, turn that soil, mow
that lawn and get ready to grow those vegetables you’ve always wanted to.

8. Garage door
Cleaning out the garage is almost always a daunting task. We get the inside organized and totally forget that the doors have build up from the winter weather. A wash or new paint job can do wonders for the look of your home.

9. Siding and Gutters
Who knows what’s gotten into your gutters – regardless, they need to be cleaned out. Be sure to keep the water flowing outside of your home. We also encourage going top to bottom when cleaning the outside of your home. Start with the gutters and siding up-top so the dirt washes downward.

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10. Roof
Take a quick peak. You may notice some curled or missing shingles. If you need help maintaining your roof or held off on that replacement last year, give Jayson Global Roofing a call!

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