How to choose the right roofing contractor.  7 Key Tips!

Most of us have heard either stories from our friends or the media of a bad contractor.  Whether they didn’t complete the work, didn’t do it right, impossible to contact afterwards, ask for money up front and many other scenarios.

What are the 10 worst mistakes you can make when hiring a roofing contractor

So how do you make the right decision?  What needs to be considered? What to look for when choosing a roofer?  At the end of the day, we are talking about the roof over your home here.  What credentials do you have to have to become a roofing contractor in Alberta?  Click here.

There are many contractors in the city and roof estimates can sometimes vary by a lot.  Why?

Here are 7 things to consider for your hiring a roofing contractor checklist:

  1. What is the full name and address of the company?

Basic legal name and address may seem obvious but confirming these and even visiting their commercial office may show how established they are.  Do they have a product show room?  Why not take a visit between work and go see for yourself?

Here is our showroom:

  1. Legal & Safety

Don’t be afraid to ask for basic business operating documents.  Such as seeing a business license, WCB clearance – if any of the workers gets injured while working on your home, you’ll want to ensure WCB is in place.  Along with this, have you heard of COR certification?

The government of Alberta has developed a certificate of recognition that, “is awarded to employers who develop health and safety that meet established standards.”  Does this add extra cost to the business to uphold this standard?  It sure does.  But it means added peace of mind when installers are working on your home.

Here’s the current public list.

See if they are certified.

  1. References

When it comes to references there’s really no reason you can’t go see a roofer’s work.  It’s outside after all.  Ask for a list of homes and go inspect for yourself.  If they give you the contact information of a home owner, a live reference may be better then something written online.

  1. Products & Estimates

When it comes to deciding on a roof product, the choices are plentiful.  To name a few we have asphalt shingles, metal, rubber, concrete, tile, shake and more.  Then many different manufacturers within those product segments.  Not to mention there are many key roof accessories/options that often get overlooked.  Two common ones would be roof ventilation & underlayment.  Again, they can vary in quality and effect the bottom line of your estimate.

Like any other profession, experience counts, if your roofer has quoted and installed thousands of different roof systems, you can rest assured they have seen a lot.  Ensure they have the experience, do your research and asks questions!

If you were to see two estimates for the same house, could you point out the differences?  Take a look at these two.

Download this PDF

Call us if you can’t point out and understand the differences.  But here’s a clue it’s comes down to the differences in the roof system specifications.

Is it possible not to follow manufacture installation recommendations to save money?  Of course, again how are you to identify this potential risk with a contractor.  Perhaps call the manufacturer and asked about said company.  If the price seems too low to be true, that might be another sign.

  1. Years in Business/Workmanship warranty

Whether it’s finding the right roofing contractor or any other trade or service, knowing how long the business has been operating at least adds to show the stability of the company.  If they offer a workmanship warranty longer then the company has been established that may not exactly add to your confidence.

At Jayson Global, we have been operating over 30 years and offer a 5-year warranty certificate on our work.

  1. Community Involvement

Is it all about making a profit or do they have an investment in their community.  At Jayson Global, we have participated in various causes over the years.

This past Christmas, CISN Country? approached us with a heartfelt story of a person that needed new roof.  We decided to team up with them and surprise her with that wish.  Check it out.  We will be installing it soon!

  1. Choose Jayson Global

When it comes to choosing a reputable roofing contractor we hope that you consider us at Jayson Global.  Everything we have outlined above, we do our best to meet and exceed.  We take great pride in what we do and look forward to serving you.

Why not sign up today for a FREE ESTIMATE, and see for yourself!

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