Roofing Your Home: Alternatives To Asphalt Shingles

While it is plain to see that Alberta’s most popular choice for residential roofing material is asphalt shingle, more and more options are becoming increasingly popular giving homeowners a broader range of choices when roofing or re-roofing their homes. Some of these products are fairly new in the marketplace and others have been proven for a long time. If you are considering a new roof, here are some of the more well-known options that you can choose from.

Your Alternatives To Asphalt Shingles

Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile, sometimes referred to as Clay Tile, has been around for centuries in Europe, and is popular in areas in North America that require a high-end look, or a very high fire resistance. Clay tiles were created to give a more durable roof covering than other materials. The clay could be colored and easily shaped into any form, then put in a hot oven to become hardened. While clay tiles are still found in many parts of the world today, in Alberta we primarily use a concrete tile because it will withstand our extreme freeze-thaw cycles better. Concrete tiles come in various patterns, weights and colors and will last upwards of 80 years on your roof.

Genuine Slate

Slate roofing has also been around for centuries in Europe, and offers a very high-end look. Slate is mined in quarries and hand cut into square or rectangular patterns. Because it is stone, it is durable, and fire resistant, and comes from the earth in several shades and colors. While slate is very durable, many pieces can be broken during installation because of the nailing holes. Because of this, Jayson Global Roofing uses GAF TruSlate, which is not nailed, but installs with stainless steel battens and hangars. Slate will last for decades on your roof and is one of the most attractive products available. For more information on GAF TruSlate, please visit


Traditionally, when people think of metal, they picture the vertical seamed look of a commercial style metal. While this still is a very popular type of metal, other types are rapidly becoming popular, especially in the residential market. You may see the odd aluminum shingle roof in your neighbourhood, or even a formed steel panel on a house down the street. At Jayson Global Roofing, we prefer a decorative stone coated steel panel for residential applications. Not only is steel well-proven in construction, but the panels are extremely durable, lightweight, and very appealing to look at on a roof. We also find that stone coated panels stand up best against virtually anything our climate can dish out. For more information on stone coated steel panels, please visit

Cedar Shakes

Nothing can match the natural beauty of a wood roof. The rugged look of a hand-split cedar shake roof has been very popular with many homeowners all over Alberta for decades. Increasing in popularity is a taper sawn shake, which provides a less rugged, cleaner look to the roof. Cedar roofs and siding do require a little more maintenance over the years than other materials, but the beauty and durability may be worth the trade off to you. If a cedar shake roof is in your list of choices, insist on Western Red Cedar, certified by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.


With new technologies, synthetic materials are popping up everywhere. Many of these products are shaped like a wood shake or real slate pattern, come in various colors and are very durable. Not only do many of them come with limited 50 year warranties, but they are also mostly made from recycled materials like rubber and plastics. If a recycled product is in your sights, one of these may be your option.

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