Exterior Trends: The Most Popular Siding Colors in Edmonton

As we live out 2024, fresh trends continue to surface. Within the realm of home exteriors, promising developments are on the horizon, poised to enhance the aesthetic appeal of residences. Today, we delve into the favored siding styles in Edmonton for the year ahead.

Popular Siding Colors in Edmonton

Blue Siding

Believe it or not, one of the top siding choices for 2024 is the blue color family. Ranging from a light blue-gray, all the way to a dark navy, blues shouldn’t be excluded during the color selection process. With the range of colors comes a range of design tones – traditional, dramatic, and regal. Don’t count blue out!

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Light Wood, Dark Wood, and Black Siding

Similar to the versatility of light neutrals, natural textures and dark hues offer a comparable degree of adaptability. Expect to encounter light or dark wood siding complemented by accents, effectively instilling a sense of drama and enhancing the natural aesthetic of home exteriors throughout 2024. Additionally, the utilization of black siding is poised to make a striking statement in contemporary exterior design.

Off-White/Cream Siding

Off-White and cream vinyl siding is another highly favored option in the Edmonton region. Whether exuding timeless elegance or radiating a more playful vibe, this versatile exterior color holds an undeniable allure. Complemented by various exterior design components, opting for a light neutral hue like cream offers ample opportunity to craft the desired ambiance and atmosphere you wish your home to evoke at first glance.

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Green Siding

Completing our exploration of the top siding styles in the Edmonton area, we have the green family of colors! Indeed, a trend that began to gain traction in 2023, has continued to persist into 2024: light to mid-green siding. This refreshing hue is gradually supplanting the longstanding popularity of gray tones. Just like its gray counterpart, green-gray offers remarkable versatility. Enhance its appeal by incorporating accents that accentuate the vibrancy of this increasingly favored siding color.

Considerations to Keep in Mind:

Numerous factors contribute to shaping the overall design of a home’s exterior. Selecting siding is just one component of this intricate puzzle. It’s essential to factor in other elements when deciding on a new color scheme for your home.

Design Plan

When selecting the color scheme for your home’s exterior, it’s crucial to consider the overall style you wish to convey carefully. With a myriad of options available, having a clear vision of your desired design aesthetic will serve as a valuable guide in making your final color selection.

Accent Colors

What hues are your current gutters, shutters, trim pieces, and roofing material? Unless you plan on replacing all these components, utilizing their existing colors as a foundation for your new siding is essential. Consider your exterior elements as cohesive to ensure a harmonious and unified design aesthetic.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to establish your budget at the outset of this process. Having a clear budget will streamline your decision-making by eliminating certain options. This is a beneficial guide, narrowing down your choices while ensuring you remain within a comfortable budgetary range.

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